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Education in the United States is being transformed by technology, with the widespread use of interactive curricula, cloud services, and mobile devices. With online resources and mobile devices replacing outdated textbooks and spiral notebooks, learning increasingly depends on fast, reliable connectivity in the classroom.

One of the most important technology funding programs for schools is E-Rate. Most public schools and libraries in the U.S. depend on E-Rate for discounts on telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections, but year after year, there is significantly more demand for funding than what’s available.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved the modernization of E-Rate to help E-Rate applicants increase access to high-speed broadband connectivity and expand broadband throughout schools and libraries.

E-Rate; “The Universal Service Discount Program for Schools and Libraries”

  • $3.9 B annual cap, plus new dedicated $1B for FY15 and additional $1B for FY16 for broadband internal connections
  • Funding Year 2016 = July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017
  • Solicitation period for 470 filings, July 2106 to March 2017
  • 20-90% discounts on eligible Category 1 solutions
  • 20-85% discounts on eligible Category 2 solutions

Category One: 

Telecommunications, Telecommunications services and Internet access

Category Two:

Internal connections, Basic maintenance and Managed internal broadband services


E-Rate Application Timeline


55,000,000 K-12 Students in the US

104,000 K-12 Schools in the US

12,000 K-12 Public Schools Districts

Why the time is right for E-Rate:

In 2014 the government initiated a focus on broadband to and within schools and libraries to support a modern and dynamic learning environment for all students.   The mandate is to ensure an equality in a learning environment is not dependent on the social economic state of any given community.  Commitment by the government to ensure success in schools meeting the mandated requirements by 2021 is proven by the investment of the FCC programs to fund the initiative.  This mandate creates the sense of urgency by schools to take advantage of the funding for future proofing their schools now.  Become a part of the movement to change the future of learning environments in schools and libraries across the United States, we will guide you and support your organization.


E-Rate Advantage Program


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Sales Pipeline Development

  • Identify early sales opportunities
  • Demand Generation Programs
  • Form 470 & Form 471 Analysis and Notifications

Deal Registration & Opportunity Mapping

  • Opportunity Protection and Competitive Pricing
  • Special Financing Programs
  • Vendor Alignment

Pre and post Sales Technical Support

  • E-Rate readiness and assessment
  • Vast partner alliance network
  • Technical training and certifications

Sales Resources

  • Dedicated E-Rate Sales Specialist
  • Product specialists
  • RFP Response team


Digital Learning Network Challenge

As digital learning network traffic increases tenfold in three years, keeping up with scaling networks and mitigating network security vulnerabilities can take a toll on school districts in higher network costs and complexity.

Enable the Digital Learning Experience

As a trusted partner to Education, Juniper Networks offers carrier-class routing, switching and security solutions that enable the digital learning experience expected by teachers, students, staff and administrators.

Network and Operational Simplification

Juniper’s open, standards-based network platforms, the industry’s only Virtual Chassis Technology and integration of multiple network functions allows schools to simplify and spend less for networks that is future proofed for digital learning.

Schools can achieve up to 42% operational cost savingswith Junos, Juniper’s common network operating system that significantly reduces the learning curve, provides cost savings for ongoing configuration and management workflows leading to fewer configuration errors and less downtime.


Strategic Partner

The John Lennon Bus


In 2014, Securematics had a chance encounter with the Lennon Bus. After learning of the Bus’ mission and goals, Securematics executives saw a perfect opportunity to fill a business need and do something meaningful at the same time. Securematics brought vendor partners Juniper Networks and Dell Software into the conversation, and the three companies offered their respective technology solutions and services to the Lennon Bus’ mission. Juniper Networks updated the tour bus’ firewalls and network security platforms; Dell Software offered its network security software and support; and, Securematics contributed by updating the Lennon Bus’ communications platform. Prior to the upgrade, the Lennon Bus production crew regularly had issues with file upload timeouts and lost connections that required uploads to be restarted once connectivity was regained. Securematics solved the problem by implementing a wireless wide area network that incorporates all four major cellular carriers and can seamlessly switch to the carrier with the strongest signal without losing data packets. After the implementation, they no longer even think about the network because it has become so reliable.

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